Ultra Endurance Runner 

Tim Ellis

About Tim Ellis

Tim became an ultra endurance runner almost by accident 3 years ago. Having previously focused on cycling, a change in employment and motivation spurred Tim into running. Before he knew it 3 miles turned into 34 miles, Tim quickly realised he had a knack for running.  He has since signed up to numerous Ultra Endurance running events to push his performance to the limit.
Tim worked with The Diet Consultant to optimise his training and race nutrition in preparation for his first ultra endurance event.

Back in 2011 I made the decision to enter The North Face 100, a 100km ultra marathon in Australia’s Blue Mountains. I was lucky enough to be sponsored by Maxifuel who provided me all of my sports nutrition needs during the 6 months of training leading up to the race. Sharmain was my dedicated sports dietician during this time too, her advice concerning diet, hydration and how to use dedicated sports nutrition products like gels and recovery powders was invaluable – I lost weight, got lean, improved my endurance and got much faster. I still use Sharmain’s advice today and I’m currently back in training for my 3rd trip in a row to Australia to run TNF100 in 2014.