Whether you are a qualified health and fitness practitioner or you simply have an interest in all things nutrition and fitness, there are an array of useful and credible tools and resources available, to share or to use for yourself. Within this resources section we aim to highlight these tools and resources to you so that you too can benefit from them.

Alan Aragon’s Research Review


Alan Aragon Research ReviewAlan Aragon’s Research Review is by far one of the most useful resources, for anyone studying and/or working within the world of fitness and nutrition.  Having met and attended one of Alans seminars I can confirm, this man knows his stuff!  Alan makes learning about nutrition science interesting and relevant, specifically he focuses on the science around nutrition, fitness and supplementation.  In this world, where Bro-Science and fads mislead the masses, Alan is able to highlight the origin of confusion and present the research available to support or disprove the proposed theories.  A worthy investment.

His monthly reviews, aims to sift through the conflicting, often misinterpreted messages out there by providing an un-biassed, critical analysis and application of the latest research.  If you have trouble critically evaluating the research yourself then take it from us, Alan’s reviews are thorough (and often quite witty) answering all the questions you are likely to have.

To subscribe to the AARR, it will cost you $10.00/month, an absolute bargain since you get access to all his previous reviews, as well as his future reviews; based on the most up to date current nutrition research to come.  Better than an outdated textbook we’d say.  You can subscribe here.

Australian Institute of Sport; Fact Sheets

Australian Institute of Sport Logo

With Louise Burke heading up the Sport Nutrition department, the Australian Institute of Sport; have always been well ahead of the game, when it has comes to providing useful, practical sports nutrition information and fact sheets.

On their site you can find fact sheets relating to specific sports, diets, nutrition basics, travel and competition, sports competition, hydration, body size and shape and specific case studies.  These fact sheets are a fantastic find for athletes or for practitioners working within sport to provide to their clients.