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About Rene Gilmartin

Rory McIlroy






Rene Gilmartin is a professional footballer that played as Goal Keeper for the Premiership Football Club Watford FC.

Sharmain worked with Rene and the rest of the Watford Football Team during their first season back in Premiership football (2015-2016). Through individual and group education she was able to help them to perform at their best; resulting in a position of 13th in the table, getting through to the semi finals of the FA Cup and the second round of the League Cup.

Sharmain was an imperative member of the team while she worked with us.
Her insight and desire to improve everyone by applying her knowledge to our diet and nutrition was so important to us achieving a very positive finish in the premier league.
Sharmain was very approachable and met the needs of the team and individual needs. Her work with the chefs and sport science department was outstanding.
Personally I felt my body composition greatly improved and energy levels for training were the best they have been haven worked with Sharmain.

Team or individual I would recommend Sharmain to apply her knowledge to any discipline be it sport or individual goals.