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High Protein Berry Porridge

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Porridge is a great high fibre, low GI breakfast. Made with milk (or a milk alternative, enriched with calcium) and fruit it also provides essential vitamins and minerals to start your day.  However, this breakfast is typical of many within the Western diet and that is, it is low in protein.  When I say low, I mean lower than the optimum amount of protein, to optimise protein synthesis in the body.  The ‘making of new proteins’ such as muscle is vital for optimal health, sport performance, strength and even a desirable body shape/composition.  Including a higher protein breakfast following an overnight fast, is one of the top changes I would recommend to most of my clients, plus the extra protein with the high fibre fruit and oats is certain to keep you full until lunch!

The optimum serving for protein is 0.25-0.3g per kg of your own body weight per meal/snack.

A 60 kg female should consume between 15 – 18g of protein

A 80 kg male should consume between 20 -24g of protein at each sitting.

Adding flavoured whey protein to this breakfast is ideal, since you can add the amount you think you need to achieve the optimum level of protein while also adding flavour, which hopefully means you won’t need to add any sugar, honey or sweetener!

* Remember, this typical serving WITHOUT the protein provides ~ 10g of protein, so work out how much extra whey powder you need to achieve your individual requirements.

Easy High Protein, Bircher Muesli

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Traditionally, Bircher muesli consists of oats soaked in fruit juice overnight, this however, makes for an unnecessarily high sugar breakfast or snack and represents the the available the large proportion of Bircher muesli thats available to buy.  Instead, our Bircher muesli is soaked in Greek yoghurt and with the addition of seeds and dried fruit, offers a more balanced, higher protein option.  With the soaking aside, its super quick to prepare.  I would recommend whipping up a large batch (multiply this recipe to the desired servings) at the beginning of the week, to keep in the fridge, for a healthy breakfast or snack option throughout the week.


Healthy YoFruit Popsicles

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Its almost summer time in London and I don’t know about you, but I crave iced treats when its hot!  To resist the urge, of chasing the Ice Cream van down the street, I’ve come up with these Healthy YoFruit Popsicles as an alternative.

Equipment you’ll need:-

  • Ice lolly moulds
  • Chopping board and knife
  • A freezer (of course)
high protein raspberry cheesecake

High Protein Berry Baked Cheesecake

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Don’t be put off by the cooking time required for this recipe, although long you’ll be so pleased with the results that it won’t matter.  Its only 123 calories per slice and has the ‘right’ level of sweetness, it’s a perfect option after a meal or even as a snack between meals.


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