Jon Evans

About Jon Evans

Jon has always enjoyed sport including athletics and rugby, however one day he realised that life had got in the way and he had become a 19 stone businessman. He didn’t like the lifestyle he had taken on and decided in that moment that he needed to change.
Jon met The Diet Consultant during MaxiMuscle’s successful campaign The Protein Project.

At the start of the year I worked with Sharmain to begin my weight loss journey.  Sharmain put the cornerstones of my nutrition in place and taught me huge amount about what I should eat.  Using these cornerstones I’ve gone on to lose nearly 50 lbs of weight and I can honestly say I’ve very rarely felt hungry, and the times I have has been down to my poor preparation than a lack of food.

Sharmain is extremely approachable and you can really see she cared so much about my goal, through both our face-to-face meetings and via emails. 
It wasn’t all plain sailing during the 50 lb loss there were many times I got frustrated and plateaued for a number of weeks.  It only took me getting back in touch with Sharmain to share my food diaries and instantly she tweaked the mix of food I was eating and I’ve not looked back since this advice.  Her knowledge is evidently vast and her background in sports nutrition has really helped me ensure I lose weight at the right speed and hence maintaining muscle mass.
I cannot thank Sharmain enough for the time spent with me and getting me on the right track to change not only my body shape but life as it was the kick start I needed to obtain my Personal Training Qualification so that I can now too share my experiences and help others.