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Hi and welcome to The Diet Consultant!

I wanted to put this short post up by way of an introduction.  If you haven’t stumbled across the About us  page yet then, my name is Sharmain, I’m a Registered Dietitian with a clinical, sport performance and commercial background.  However, I’ve recently stepped into the big bad world of business and this is it, my new full time occupation, my baby, my passion…..The Diet  Its always been a dream to have my own nutrition company.  I now have the flexibility to see clients more regularly and for longer, in a way that suits them and their lifestyle.  I wanted to provide a service that allowed me to give the time and resource needed to help clients to get results, plus running this business means I get to work with a variety of people with a range of goals….you won’t believe how much this excites me!!

Now a little more about me, as I said I’m a Dietitian.  I’ve completed the years of education and training required to be registered as such, and yes of course this knowledge and training helps me to advise clients about their diet and lifestyle but it also helps me to make healthier choices too.  However just to clarify, I am human – I do enjoy the junk and sweets as well.  Many of my clients ask me “are you really strict with your diet?” you start to think that everyone else thinks that all we eat is salad, and that we exercise for hours everyday.  This just isn’t true!  I love the odd glass of vino and if I had to choose, my ‘last supper’ would probably be fish and chips.

Feed me!

Feed me!

And while I’m training to get into Triathlons, if the truth be known….its a real push, but once I’m there I love it!  Its a great feeling to play well at (or even win) a game of netball on a Monday night, to complete a duathlon that you’ve been training for, for weeks or even months.  Setting mini fitness and health goals work for me as it does others.  My point is that even though I’m a health professional, I’m still just like you!  This helps me to be empathetic in my role, I understand the fight against the treacle temptations and the peaks and troughs in motivation.  This understanding will help me to provide you tips and advice whether its here on the blog, or via nutrition consultations.

Me...trying to practice what I preach

Me…trying to practice what I preach


I personally believe in taking a flexible approach to nutrition and exercise (this is what works for me) and this is what I advise my clients.  There is no point is starting a plan that can’t be sustained, if healthier changes take longer to incorporate then so be it, especially if it means the change becomes permanent.

Anyway, about the website.  Its only taken us 4 months to get the site up (sarcastic wry smile) but I’m really happy with the outcome.  A big thank you goes to Joe from Joe Ray Smith Designs, he’s worked long and hard on this project and also had to put up with me constantly chopping and changing things around….the patience of a saint!

While I’m pleased we have the site up and running,  its still in its infancy and so would love to get some feedback from our visitors.  I’m told that when starting a new business you should ask for criticism no matter how harsh it may seem, this way I can quickly fix the flaws and iron out the creases that I myself, might not see (being so close to the project and all).  So, with that in mind lets hear it; what do you like about the website and more importantly what don’t you like?

This blogging malarkey is a new hobby for me as well, so bear with me I hope to get some interesting, practical and useful articles on here very soon!  In fact it would be really helpful to find out what kind of topics you would like me to cover?

While I’m excited about the flexibility thats comes with having my own business, most of all I am looking forward to helping my clients to reach their full potential, to help them to feel great and in control of their health – these are the rewards and the reason I do, what I do!


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The Diet Consultant (aka Sharmain) is passionate about helping others to achieve their nutrition and fitness goals . She is a Sport Nutritionist and Clinical Dietitian, a food and fitness lover with a huge 'dollop' of empathetic and realistic reasoning. Here to make sense of the nutrition confusion out there, keeping things simple, making change easier.

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