Company Director, Sport Science Solutions

Dr Stephen McGregor

About Steve McGregor (BSc Hons,MSc [Sport Sci], MSc [Physio], PhD, MCSP, HPC, ASCC)

Steve has over 15 years experience of working at the elite end of sport ranging from professional golf to Premiership football.  With previous positions such as Head of Sport Science at Premier League Football Clubs he is now Managing Director of Sport Science Solutions.

The Diet Consultant worked with Steve during her time at the GSK Human Performance Lab and continues to work alongside Steve by providing scientific support to other elite athletes and teams.

Having worked alongside Sharmain with a number of elite athletes I am well aware of her significant impact on Improving performance. She appreciates all aspects of athlete development which helps her integrate her nutrition interventions in a highly effective way. She takes a pragmatic approach towards nutrition, whilst also building a rapport and trust with the athlete. Her knowledge is exceptional and combines specialist dietetic nutrition advice with sport nutrition recommendations – always taking into account the athletes lifestyle and goals. Whenever athletes require sport dietetic support, I never hesitate to recommend Sharmain.