From London

About Catherine

Catherine worked with The Diet Consultant to help address her long standing symptoms of IBS; which had had a significant impact on her work and social life as a whole.  Working together to follow the Low FODMAP diet and adhere to the specific dietary exclusions has made all the difference to Catherine’s symptoms and relationship with food. 


So thank you first of all! I almost can’t believe the low FODMAP diet is finished, but I’m so pleased I made it and I really couldn’t have got there without your help and support Sharmain. I’m pretty sure if I had tried the diet by myself I would have given up in a week! I really appreciate you going above and beyond to get me to the point of seeing symptom improvements. I feel like I’ve probably been quite a tough client in that respect. It has made such a difference to me and the reduction of my symptoms in my everyday life now though, so I’m very pleased I came to you and took on the FODMAP challenge!